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And Now We Are Going to Have a Party
by Nicola Griffith

Scope: project curator; package and interior design
Published: 2007

And Now We Are Going to Have a Party by Nicola Griffith is a project published by my now-defunct small art press Payseur & Schmidt in 2007. It’s a memoir of author Nicola Griffith presented as a box of memories. The project was conceived of by myself, Therese Littleton, and Nicola Griffith. I designed the box and all the components, which include: a CD of Nicola’s songs from her early 1980s new wave band Janes Plane, three scratch-and-sniff cards detailing scents particular to specific wheres and whens in Nicola’s life, a letterpressed preface card by Dorothy Allison, a fold-out poster of a collage Nicola made in her early years in Catholic school, a signing sheet masquerading as a baby photo, a fascimile of the first book that she ever created, and five volumes of her memoir, all housed in die-cut box and secured by a printed “obi” band.

Winner of the 2007 Lambda Award for Best Women’s Memoir