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Based on the eponymous best-selling book by Dennis King and Paul Grushkin, Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion explores the cultural power and renewed popularity of the rock poster in this new century.

Curators: Jacob McMurray, Gabe Kean, Jacob Covey, Dennis King
Exhibition Design: Jacob McMurray, Jacob Covey, Gabe Kean
Media Design: Gabe Kean, Seb Chevrel
Art Direction: Jacob Covey, Jacob McMurray

Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, September 2 - 4, 2005
Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, May - October 2006


It has been over fifty years since the first rock poster was created. Since that time, an immeasurable number of posters have appeared, celebrating the evolution of popular music in America and beyond. 

Posters have evolved along with the music they advertise. From the functional boxing-style of the jazz and early rock’n’roll days, through the rich, substance-inspired fluidity of the psychedelic era, to the stark immediacy of the punk flyer, posters have continued to evolve and reflect the times in which they were created.

We are currently experiencing a poster renaissance; the art of poster-making is in full bloom. More rock posters have been created during the past decade than in the entire forty years preceding. The Art of Modern Rock is here.