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Danielle & Steve

wedding invitation, 2009

I designed this wedding invite for friends with a theme of floral and book elements. I created a design that folds up into an accordion-style book, with a die-cut circle on the front panel which matches up to a pink flower design on the back of another panel. Each of the panels contain floral and faunal elements but are designed to be reminiscent of book design: book cover, title page, ex libris inset, dedication page, etc. A translucent vellum sash fits over the booklet, holding it together, with imagery that interacts with designs on the invite. The last panel on the invite is the reply postcard, themed as a library checkout card, which is perforated for easy removal and mailing.

The invite was printed offset, 2 ink colors on the front, 3 on back, 1 on the sash. Dies were made for the scoring, perfing and die-cut. The sash was attached by hand.

I also designed a book of quotes that was given out as a wedding party favor to each guest. hardbound with a 2-color screenprinted cover.