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Guitar Gallery showcases a diverse selection of guitars and the iconic musicians who played them.

    Curator: Jacob McMurray
    Content Developer: Andrew McKeag
    Exhibition Design: Curious Beast
    Graphic Design: Curious Beast
    Collections: Melinda Simms, Katherine Hughes, Stefanie Terasaki, Ralph Walter, Clete Wood
    Fabrication: Mark Latz, Chris Moore, Mark Columbino, Nick Rempel, Nils Carlson, Josh Powers, Joe Flood
    Films: Kevin Harvey
    Interactives: Brad Purkey
    Tech: Luke Brown, Kirk Jamieson

    Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, March 9, 2019 - present

    The guitar has a long history in American popular music as a fundamental component of folk, jazz, blues, country, rock, and other music styles. With the advent of electric amplification in the 1930s, the guitar became an even more dominant presence in our musical landscape and, like the automobile, a symbol of American ingenuity and design.

    MoPOP’s founder, Paul Allen, was inspired to play the guitar after hearing Jimi Hendrix in 1967. This exhibition underscores Allen’s emotional reverence with a rotating selection of guitars and basses played by legendary and influential artists. The iconic music they produce is a fusion of player and instrument, resulting from experimentation and inspiration. Immerse yourself in these stories of wire, wood, and legend.