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Help Wanted: Collaborations in Art joins the talents of over 40 contributors from fields as diverse as poetry, comics, architecture, video, exhibit design and programming. The result is a collection of collaborative installations, each engaging the audience to interact with it’s approach to storytelling.

Curators: Gabe Kean, Jacob McMurray

Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, March 12 - April 23, 2005

Help Wanted︎ is the first offline exhibition related to Born Magazine︎ (1996-2011), an online community dedicated to fostering collaboration between between literary arts and multimedia. The exhibition featured eight interactive storytelling installations, with the curators often pairing creatives together from diverse fields to unexpected effect. Installations featured:

  • Think Tank, by Trimpin and Seb Chevrel
  • Ballard & Ballard, by Darick Chamberlin, Shawn Wolfe, Mark Blubaugh, James Towning, Mark Wolfe, Aviva Bower, Richard Peterson, Matt Rodriguez, Dewey & Dave, Jessica Barnes, Sean Pecknold, Arbito, Scott Musgrove, Mike Kelly, John Black, Tamara Burke and Pat Wood
  • The Estate of Beverly Thomas, by Tim Sanders, Brian McWatters, Celeste Smith, Seb Chevrel, Terry Elliott, Gabe Kean, Troy Lund, Adaire Orr and Doug Klassen
  • Afterwards, by Randy Moss, Michael Evan, Steven Berardelli, Gabe Kean and Chad McDaniel
  • In Search of Identity, by Nikolai Cornell and Tatiana Parcero
  • Freud on Ice, by Sean Hurley and Therese Littleton
  • You and We, by Seb Chevrel, Gabe Kean and untold thousands
  • Instant Messaging, by Andrio Abero and Hartley Rusen

Selected Press:
  • Seattle PI: “Artists + Techies = Collaboration”︎