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Indie Game Revolution is an ongoing exhibition on contemporary independently-produced video games.

Curator: Jacob McMurray
Curatorial Assistant: Britta Barrett
Exhibition Design: Curious Beast
Lighting Design: AlexBerryDesign
Graphic Design: Matt Cole
Films: Kevin Harvey, Phillip Harvey
Fabrication: Addy Froehlich, Keith Griffith, Jon Hedges, Mark Columbino, Nick Rempel, Ralph Walter, Nils Carlson
Tech: Brian Phraner, Brad Purkey, Luke Brown, Kirk Jamieson, Bill Roemhild

Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, November 8, 2014 - present


Independent developers have been releasing video games for more than 60 years, but in the last decade the indie game space has exploded in popularity. These games, created by diverse individuals and small teams with artistic vision and creative control, are pushing the boundaries of what video games are and the role they play in our culture.

At a time when the gaming landscape is dominated by hundred-million-dollar blockbusters created by an armies of employees, it’s remarkable that more personal efforts can even exist, much less thrive. The rapid expansion of indie games is primarily due to easy-to-use game-making software, plentiful digital distribution outlets, and new avenues of funding; but also from many artists’ desire to craft new and impactful experiences. Industry veterans and newcomers alike are creating remarkable indie works that are changing how we view the medium. It’s a story that is constantly changing, and this exhibition will detail that evolution as it unfolds.

Contains: 20 playable games (17 single-player, 3 local multiplayer – a dozen of which rotate several times a year), a gallery soundtrack featuring 22 composers, 43 films featuring interviews from 45 developers, composers, critics, and others involved in the indie scene, a projected film timeline of 50 years of indie games, numerous display panels that interpret and contextualize the current indie scene, and an immersive, dramatically lit voxel superstructure. The exhibition is sponsored by Nintendo.

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