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by Thomas Disch, BlöödHag & Tim Kirk

Scope: project curator; cover and interior design
Published: 2005

Mecca|Mettle is the first book published by the small, now defunct art press Payseur & Schmidt.

Mecca|Mettle features stories of the improbable and fantastic by celebrated science fiction luminaries Thomas M. Disch, Sir Zachary Orgel, Dr. J.M. McNulty, Prof. J.B. Stratton, and Amb. Brent Carpenter. Original illustrations by Hugo Award-winning artist Tim Kirk. Musical accompaniment by BlöödHag, X’s for Eyes, and Thomas M. Disch. Interstitial editorial essays and text by myself and Therese Littleton (under the nom de plume Alice Schmidt). I conceived of the project, sourced the authors, musicians and artist, and designed the book. 300 copies, signed and numbered by all participants, including the fictional editor Alice Schmidt.