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Minecraft: The Exhibition explores the world’s most popular game as a platform for unlimited creative expression.

    Curators: Brooks Peck, Jacob McMurray
    Exhibition Design: Scenografique
    Graphic Design: Rosie Alyea, Jordan Grant
    Fabrication: Mark Latz, Chris Moore, Nick Rempel, Nils Carlson, Mark Columbino, Joe Flood, Josh Powers, Tim Stackpole
    Interactives: Brad Purkey, Parks Barnard
    Films: Kevin Harvey
    Collections: Melinda Simms, Katherine Hughes, Stefanie Terasaki, Clete Wood
    Technology: Luke Brown, Brian Epps, Kirk Jamieson
    Curatorial Interns: Archie O’Dell, Eliza Thompson, Elizabeth Wiley
    Mob Statues and Biome Dioramas: Greg Aronowitz
    Scenic Painting: Laurie Le Clair, Rudy Schuepbach
    Lighting: GASlight Design

    Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, October 19, 2019 - present

    More than an engaging adventure and exploration game, Minecraft is a platform for creative expression and community building. It began as a simple idea: a world made of blocks. Blocks of dirt, blocks of stone, blocks of wood, even blocks of water. In that world, players can build whatever they imagine by breaking and placing those blocks.

    From these spartan elements emerge an infinity of creations, experiences, and stories. There’s no rigid path to follow, and players make the game whatever they want it to be. The open-ended nature appeals to a wide variety of play styles. Its simplified graphics are intentionally impressionistic, giving the imagination more room to flourish. The only rules in Minecraft are its physical laws.

    A vibrant community of players and creators has arisen around Minecraft, busily coaching each other and sharing their creations and ideas. Some have taken to modifying the game, turning it into their own vision of what it can be. Minecraft is a game, yes, but also a toolkit for making art, film, and stories.

    Minecraft: The Exhibition was organized by Museum of Pop Culture in collaboration with Mojang.

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