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Paper Scissors ROCK: 25 Years of Northwest Punk Poster Design explores a quarter century of music-related poster art from the Pacific Northwest.

Curator: Jacob McMurray
Exhibition Design: Jacob McMurray
Graphic Design: Sandra Owen

Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR, October 3 - November 30, 2002
Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, May - September 2003


During the late-1970s, punk rock reverberated up and down the I-5 corridor as raw, young bands hot-wired an underground touring circuit. These groups, dirt-poor and starved for attention, developed an unschooled yet ferocious style of self-promotion based around low-tech, Xeroxed posters stapled onto telephone poles. The crude and immediate street-factor of punk posters later evolved, drawing inspiration from cheesy horror movies, hot-rod culture, and comics, establishing a look for the international Grunge phenomenon. Paper Scissors ROCK: 25 Years of Northwest Punk Poster Design details the entire story of this graphical form – from its origins in tiny, beer-soaked dives through to the cultural main stage.

Selected Press:
  • Portland Business Journal: “Punk posters paved way for a graphic arts career” ︎