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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame celebrates the best creators and creations of the fantastic.

Curators: Jacob McMurray, Brooks Peck
Exhibition Design: Matt Cole, Keith Griffith
Graphic Design: Matt Cole
Collections: Katherine Hughes, Melinda Simms
Fabrication: Mark Latz, Mark Columbino, Nick Rempel, Nils Carlson, Josh Powers, Joe Flood, Chris Moore
Films: Kevin Harvey
Tech: Brian Phraner, Brad Purkey, Luke Brown, Kirk Jamieson
Curatorial Intern: Amy Gorton

Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, March 4, 2017 - present


Science fiction and fantasy are two of the most important kinds of storytelling because they show us realities beyond our own. Science fiction offers reflections on our social structures and the technologies we use. Fantasy examines our spiritual values and the nature of good and evil. Both stimulate our imaginations, show us new possibilities, and take us away from our everyday lives.

The Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made major contributions to science fiction and fantasy and works that have had significant impact on the field. These are the game-changers, the visionaries, the people and ideas who, each in their day, expanded the borders of imagination.

Learn more about the Hall of Fame and its ever-growing set of inductees.︎

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