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Sound & Vision: Artists Tell Their Stories explores MoPOP’s vast filmed oral history interview collection. 

Curators: Jasen Emmons, Jacob McMurray
Exhibition Design: Curious Beast
Interactive Design: Brian Phraner
Films: David Wulzen

Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle, February 28, 2007 - 2012


In 1993 MoPOP began conducting filmed interviews with individuals who have made key contributions to popular music. Our goal, then and now, has been to capture and preserve their stories across lines of genres and generations. With the 2004 opening of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, we expanded the program to encompass science fiction and popular culture. 

In 2005 Congress recognized the importance of this project and, through the Institute of Museum and Library Services, awarded MoPOP a generous grant to continue building our oral history program and establish a national archive of popular music and culture interviews.

Sound and Vision: Artists Tell Their Stories provides access to this wealth of interview material, allowing you to hear and view excerpts of these firsthand accounts, including rare performance footage. You can also capture your own oral history. Because in the end, we all have stories to tell.