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Stories of Your Life and Others
by Ted Chiang

Client: Ted Chiang, Subterranean Press
Scope: cover, interior design and illustration
Published: 2018

Author Ted Chiang asked if I would do the design for an oversized limited edition of his debut anthology Stories of Your Life and Others, published by Subterranean Press in April 2018. The project evolved into me doing interior collages and the dust jacket as well.

Ted has always had a good idea of what he wants, and this project was no different, making it a fun and challenging collaboration. I had two colors for the interior, and for the cover, we were able to convince Subterranean to invest in a cool die cut dustjacket, that works with the cover stamping below.

The collage artworks pulled from imagery within each of the stories and then combined textual and symbolic elements that Ted supplied. I used various overlapping moire patterns as a background field for the art, providing a unifying element throughout the book.

Ted is one of the best science fiction authors alive, and with the successful adaptation of “Story of Your Life” into an Academy Award-winning film Arrival, his work is being read by even more people. I'm really excited for him and thankful that he's asked me to work with him on yet another project.

This edition comes in a limited numbered hardcover (with the die-cut jacket), edition of 300, and a lettered edition of 26 with two-color stamping on white cloth in a custom traycase.