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The Lifecycle of Software Objects
by Ted Chiang

Client: Ted Chiang, Subterranean Press
Scope: cover, interior design and illustration
Published: 2010

I was able to work with Ted Chiang again (after doing the collage illustrations for The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate) on his longest work yet, The Lifecycle of Software Objects, published by Subterranean Press in July of 2010. Under Ted’s art direction, I did all of the interior design, cover layout for a limited and trade edition, and all of the map-like collage illustrations. New Zealand artist Christian Pierce did the cover illustration and 10 fantastic interior illustrations. A fun and challenging project.

The trade edition has a traditional full-color dust jacket, while the limited has no dust jacket and is stamped in 2 colors on the front, spine, and back. The interior of both books is printed in black and red inks.